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American Coatings Show and Conference 2020 is Canceled

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A Note to ACS 2020 Exhibitors

The show organizers would like to thank all American Coatings Show 2020 exhibitors for their patience and support while we made our final decision regarding this year’s event.

Because we value your commitment and partnership in making the ACS a successful platform for the industry, we would like to show our appreciation to ACS 2020 exhibitors by offering an opportunity to receive a special discount for future participation when the show resumes its biennial schedule April 5-7, 2022, at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis.

Any exhibitor who chooses to transfer their booth fees for the ACS 2020 to the ACS 2022 will receive a 20% discount on the cost of their booth. This discount applies in addition to any other discount that would normally apply (e.g. ECS exhibitor discount, ACA member discount, etc.). To qualify for this special offer,  a minimum of 50% of the booth fee must be transferred.

As an added incentive, exhibitors who transfer 50% or more of their ACS 2020 both fees will also receive the following:

  • ACS 2020 exhibitor rates will apply for ACS 2022 booth space
  • Priority treatment for booth placement/location
  • Promotion on the ACS website and social media platforms

In order to take advantage of this discount, exhibitors must respond by April 15.

If you have any questions about this offer, or would like to request a refund for your ACS 2020 booth fees, please contact show management.




ACS ExpoBrander® Allows Free AC Registration for Your Customers!

American Coatings Show exhibitors info is online

All American Coatings Show exhibitors are encouraged to register preferred clients and prospects for the ACS, free of charge, by using the ACS ExpoBrander®.

This free service allows exhibitors to:

  • Co-brand the company with the ACS by placing a specially supplied show registration link on your website
  • Give exhibitor’s clients the ability to register for the show for free through the exhibitor’s website
  • Send clients an invitation email (with text provided by ExpoBrander®) with a link to complimentary ACS registration

Follow these step-by-step instructions to take advantage of the ACS ExpoBrander®.

Questions? Contact Cameron Hames.

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American Coatings Show exhibitor info in newsletter

Exhibitor Services Manual

The American Coatings Show 2020 Exhibitor Services Manual is now available.

ACS Logos

Download the ACS logo for use in any of your advertisements or other show-related materials or communications.


*AC Media grants attendee a limited revocable license to use the American Coatings Show Logo in social media and marketing communications. Attendee shall include a trademark attribution notice giving notice of AC Media’s ownership of the trademarks in the marketing materials in which it or the American Coatings Show’s name and logo appear.

Official ACS Contractors, Providers, Vendors and Publications

ACS exhibitors may be periodically contacted by non-official contractors offering such services as advertising opportunities, exhibition guides, stand construction, housing, or the option of purchasing an attendee registration list..

The organizers of the ACS have not provided any information to these third parties, or given permission for them to contact you. We do not sell exhibitor lists/contact information to anyone. Companies often use public information available on the internet to acquire exhibitors’ contact information.

Of course, it is your decision who you appoint and how you choose to promote your presence at the ACS 2020. However, we don’t want any exhibitor to take advantage of an opportunity mistakenly thinking that it is an official ACS-sponsored or supported opportunity when it is not.

For your convenience, you will find a list of all Official ACS Service Contractors and vendors below, as well as a listing of official publications of the ACS.

Official ACS Contractors, Service Providers and Vendors

American Coatings Association, Organizer
Vincentz Network, Organizer
AC Media, ACS Management
GES, ACS Decorator
EventSphere, ACS Housing Bureau
Expo Logic, ACS Registration

Official ACS Publications

CoatingsTech magazine
Official publications of the show will bear the ACS logo and branding, along with the logos of either AC Media, the American Coatings Association and/or  Vincentz Network.

If you have questions about any communication that you receive, please feel free to contact Cameron Hames, Trade Show Manager, AC Media.

Thank you for your support. We look forward to seeing you in Indianapolis!


If you need additional information about the American Coatings Show, contact our Show Manager:
Cameron Hames
Trade Show Manager AC Media
Phone: (770) 727-0407
Email: chames@paint.org

Hosted by AC Media in collaboration with American Coatings Association and Vincentz Network every two years.

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