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Exhibitors and attendees alike see the American Coatings Show and Conference as the leading North American industry event, setting trends for future developments in the industry. Offering immediate business opportunities, a complete portfolio of high-grade competitive products, and access to top coatings decision makers, the 2020 show is a must-attend event!

Facts at a glance


CONFERENCE: March 31 – April 2, 2020

SHOW: March 31 – April 2, 2020

Location: Indiana Convention Center, Indianapolis, IN

Attendee Registration: Opens Fall 2019

Attendee Housing: Opens Fall 2019

Entrance Fees

SHOW Only Pass

Three-day ticket: $35
(Before January 15, 2020)

Three-day ticket: $50
(January 16, 2020 – March 25, 2020)

Three-day ticket: $60
(After March 25, 2020)

Show Highlights

Interactive Online Floor Plan

The American Coatings Show will feature a user-friendly interactive floor plan that may be used to search for specific companies, products, etc., and find booth locations on the show floor.

Product Presentations

Be the first to learn about new innovations in the coatings industry during live, on-stage Product Presentations.

Industry Buyers Lounge

The Industry Buyers Lounge provides a designated area for show participants to set up important meetings.

American Coatings SHOW DAILY

The trade show and conference newspaper, published all three days of the show, features daily highlights, interviews with industry experts, exhibitor booth locations, and more.

Career Center

The 2018 American Coatings SHOW will feature an all-new Career Center on the show floor, where attendees may search for available positions in the industry.

American Coatings Conference

The American Coatings Conference, held March 31 – April 2, 2020, will provide an in-depth comprehensive overview of advancements in coatings formulations, as well as key technological developments. Speak directly to top decision-makers in international coatings development or present your own expertise.

Fun Run

Join an enthusiastic group of runners and walkers who will gather at sunrise to jump start their day, network, and participate in this fundraising effort. Proceeds from the Fun Run are used to fund student participation in the AC Conference.

New Pavilions

For the first time in 2020, the ACS will feature pavilions for Powder Coatings, as well as Adhesives and Sealants.

Product Range



Coatings Raw Materials

Binders / Solvents / Pigments / Fillers / Additives

Adhesives Raw Materials

Polymers / Polymer Dispersions / Monomers / Resins, Tackifiers / Fillers / Solvents / Plasticizers, Oils / Additives / Waxes

Laboratory, Production Equipment and Packaging Equipment

Mixers / Extruders, Kneaders / Mills, Triple Roller Mills and Accessories / Engineering / Filters and Filtration / Pumps / Metering Devices, Balances / Conveying Systems / Filling Systems / Packaging and Packaging Materials / Labelling Machines / Logistics / Tinting Systems / Screening Machines and Sintering Plants / Coolers / Pipe Technology

Testing and Measuring Equipment

Quality Control and Laboratory Testing Equipment / Production and Process Control

Environmental Protection and Safety at Work

Occupational Safety / Container Washing Equipment / Emission Treatment / Effluent Treatment / Solvent Recycling


Software, Hardware / E-Commerce / Training and Education Qualification / Technical Information and Publication / Consultancy / Research & Development / Contract Manufacturing

Attendee Contact Info


Dirk Ebener, Director of Expositions
AC Media
Phone: 770-727-0406

Cameron Hames, Trade Show Manager
AC media
Phone: 770-727-0407

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Bettina Hoffmann
Vincentz Network

Hosted by the American Coatings Association in collaboration with Vincentz Network every two years.

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